TOX 3 4K Android TV Box | S905X4 | 4GB + 32GB | Android 11 – Any good?

Reviewing the new TOX 3 4K streaming box. Priced under £50 and running full Android 11 – Including specs, features, gaming, benchmarks, emulation and lots more. Any Good?

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* CPU: S905X4 Quad-core 2.0Ghz
* GPU: Mali G31 Graphics
* 32GB (EMMC)
* MicroSD Slot (32GB)
* 5Ghz Wifi / Gigabit LAN
* Bluetooth 4.1
* Full Android v11
* HDMI v2.0
* Supports 4K @ 60fps
* Supports AV1
* 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound
* Standard IR Remote

00:00 Intro & Price
00:22 Inside the Box
00:40 Specs
01:29 Design
02:13 Boot-up Speed Test
02:22 OS Walkthrough
02:46 Main Settings
05:12 System Apps
05:33 4K Video from USB
06:24 Screen Mirroring
06:57 YouTube Test
08:00 Netflix & Prime
08:26 Android Gaming
08:53 PSP Emulation
09:19 System & Benchmarks
10:05 TV Box Perfomance Ranking
10:45 Pros & Cons
12:06 Final Thoughts

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