Twice the price, same phone?! $450 Samsung phone vs $900 flagship

Twice the price, same phone?! $450 Samsung phone vs $900 flagship
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Supplying Steady Power To Your Computer Is Critical

Computers (in all their various forms) have become the most essential piece of equipment in most people’s lives. We do everything with them these days, all the way from storing family recipes to paying at the checkout line in the store. So, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that you don’t risk losing important data by providing your computer with critical power equipment in the eventuality that something goes wrong on the power grid.

Top IT Trends for 2011

Compiling our list of the top technology trends for 2011 was enjoyable. We got to review our 2010 predictions and look ahead with optimism. Unfortunately, economic woes continued through 2010 delaying the expected IT expenditures and slowing growth. Again, the trends haven’t changed much year-over-year as technology is a quiet revolution. But don’t be disappointed, those same trends are driving new models that will revolutionize the way we do business.

Crazy Buy – iPod Shuffle For Under $10

Everyone nowadays seems to have an iPod. They’ve become so popular it’s quite incredible. Really it’s replaced the walkman as the only portable music player anyone uses. People can plug it into their car or home stereo, you can take your music with you everywhere. The iPod shuffle is one of the most popular iPods because of how you can take it anywhere and you can just clip it on your jacket or belt. It’s small and holds enough music to keep you going. And now you can buy and iPod shuffle for under $10.

Windows Error 25002 – Symantec and Alcohol Installation 25002 Error Fix

The Windows Error 25002 is a malfunction in the installation process of the Norton or Alcohol software in the PC. The computer is experiencing missing permissions, licenses, drivers and other requirements needed to sufficiently run the program. Thus, the Norton or Alcohol software will not be installed properly, leading to various kinds of issues in the computer system.

How To Get Rid of Antivirus 8 Quickly and Easily

Antivirus 8 is a dangerous virus that can wreak havoc on your machine. Make sure to remove this virus automatically to protect your computer from damages.

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