Ultra Phone Battle! | Xiaomi 13 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Comparing the Xiaomi 13 Ultra vs Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, to see which flagship smartphone is the best for camera smarts, gaming performance, battery life and beyond. I’ve reviewed both the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Samsung S23 Ultra, testing them as my full-time phone, so here’s my personal verdict on how they stack up.

When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy is more dependable, rarely dipping into that power mode – although the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is faster at charging. Gaming performance is excellent with both, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t offer the same slick set of game tools as the MiUI phone.

Camera performance is a narrow victory for the Samsung S23 Ultra. It’s better in HDR situations and that zoom is still untouchable. However, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a very strong rival, and will please bokeh fans more with its clever dual aperture lens.

So that’s what I think of this pair, two of the best (and most expensive) smartphones of 2023 so far. Which one is your own favourite – the Xiaomi 13 Ultra or Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra? Let us know below!

Xiaomi 13 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Chapters:
0:00 – Rambling a bit
0:33 – Design
2:38 – Software & features
4:51 – Display
6:12 – Audio
7:50 – Performance & gaming
9:12 – Battery life
10:16 – Cameras

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