Unboxing the Marshal Acton 3 Bluetooth Speaker

In this video, I’m unboxing the new Marshal Acton 3 speaker. Check the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4392sE1vmD4&feature=youtu.be

*** Show Notes, Links, and Resources ****
▶Marshal Acton 3 – https://geni.us/marshalacton3

Some of my gear:

▶Camera | iPhone 13 Pro Max – https://geni.us/aiphone13promax
▶Microphone | Boya M1 – https://geni.us/lavalierboyam1
▶Tripod | K&F Concept – https://geni.us/kfconceptripod
▶Lights kit | Andoer – https://geni.us/andoersoftboxlights
▶Back Lights Logo | Nanoleaf – https://geni.us/nminitriangleslights

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