VIDEO TEST: Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Pixel 7 Pro – Samsung vs Google

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Windows 7 Slow Problem – Fix

When you are dealing with a Windows 7 slow problem then you are probably at wits end. When your computer randomly begins to start slowing down it’s bad enough, but it’s even worse when your computer begins to slow down gradually, over time running more and more sluggishly. If either of these things is happening to you, then you need to figure out the best way to solve the probably ASAP.

New And Future Business Gadgets

The changing technology has brought about so many changes that even the corporate world is now under its influence. The high speed internet, memory cards and mobile phones are always being upgraded as they become more compatible and advanced. Moreover, the overall success of these latest gadgets is also dependent upon their affordability, because of which it is easier to be well equipped with the latest gadgets, regardless of how big the organization is.

Can I Stop My Kids From Texting and Driving?

Want to monitor your kids phone and see if they are texting and driving? Want to know what they are doing on the phone while they are driving? You can monitor their phone to what they are doing and when!

3D TV: What Makes 3D TV So Special?

3D TV technology started in 1833 when Sir Charles Wheatstone created the idea of reflecting mirror stereoscope. This device works as and reflector creating different images. On the other hand, expect that 3D TV is evolving every now and then. More new features and enhanced graphics will be introduced in the days to come.

Should I Buy an iPad or Wait for the iPad2?

On the day that Apple launched the iPad over 300,000 were sold and an estimated 1 million in the first week.  The allure of this Wi-Fi tablet PC, taking up the shortfall in the gap between the iPhone and laptop which promised to surpass any tablet PC currently available, was obvious for all to see: sleek, small, light weight, portable and essentially beautiful; even before its functionality was even considered.

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