Virgin Media Stream | 4K TV Streaming Box

Testing the Virgin Media Stream box, a TV streamer to rival Roku, Sky Glass and other entertainment providers, with 4K HDR smarts. A £35 one-off fee is all the Stream will cost you, while Virgin Media will also consolidate your subscription costs for Netflix, Disney Plus etc. And even give back 10% of your final fees! This hands-on review covers the voice search, UI and main features.

Of course, to use the Stream you’ll need to be a Virgin Broadband customer, which eliminates a large portion of potential customers. Like Roku and Sky Glass, the Virgin Stream can’t record live TV, but you do have access to plenty of channels and all the big streaming apps.

Voice search smarts aren’t as smart as we’d like, with no internal searching for apps outside of YouTube. Here’s hoping that feature will be updated soon. We do like how you can set up your own profile on the Virgin Media Stream for recommendations and channel hopping, however. That remote control is big but offers up all the features you’d need.

Virgin Media Stream Chapters:
0:00 – What is this thing?
0:45 – What’s in the box & setup
2:23 – UI & features
4:55 – Voice search
5:59 – Remote control
6:42 – Profiles
7:12 – Live TV
7:57 – Byyyyeeeee

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