Vivo V23 Pro Review | Serious Pixel 5a camera phone rival

Reviewing the Vivo V23 Pro, one of the best mid-range camera smartphones in 2022 and strong Pixel 5a rival. I’ve been testing the optics, performance, battery life and more, using the Vivo V23 Pro as my full-time phone. Here’s my verdict and check out my round-up of my favourite Android mobiles for more ideas!

That 108MP primary camera sensor is impressive in most scenarios, only struggling with moving subjects in low light situations. Photo quality is strong, with accurate colours and plenty of detail. You can also shoot 4K video with respectable results, despite the lack of wind filter.

The Vivo V23 Pro offers a dual selfie snapper too, with wide angle option. This too can shoot 4K video, with the same audio caveats.

Outside of the camera tech, this smartphone boasts Dimensity 1200 performance for gaming, plus all day battery life. Specs are solid for the price and the FunTouch OS launcher is decent, offering plenty of customisation as well as some worthy bonus features.

Vivo V23 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – A thankfully short-ish intro
0:36 – Design
1:46 – FunTouch OS
4:06 – Display & audio
5:32 – Performance & gaming
6:32 – Battery life
7:16 – Cameras
10:01 – Verdict

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