Vivo X90 Pro Unboxing & Full Tour | Dimensity 9200, Next-Gen Night Camera

Unboxing the Vivo X90 Pro, with a full test of the flagship camera tech, gaming with MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 and more. The Vivo X90 Pro boasts Sony’s 1-inch IMX989 camera sensor for improved low light photography, while the Dimensity 9200 means you can game on Genshin Impact with impressive battery life to boot.

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Compared vs the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Vivo X90 Pro can capture brighter, sharper low light snaps using that next-gen camera. However, tones aren’t accurately snapped as often as with the S23 Ultra or Pixel 7 Pro, while moving subjects can pose a problem for the shutter.

Gamers can play the biggest Android titles like Genshin Impact on the Vivo X90 Pro 5G with a smooth frame rate, plus a dedicated gaming mode. Battery life is also excellent, helped by the energy efficiency of that Dimensity 9200. And FunTouch OS 13 delivers a wide range of features, but also a crapload of crapware that you’ll want to delete.

Vivo X90 Pro Unboxing & Full Tour Chapters:
0:00 – As good as it sounds?
0:37 – What’s in the box?
0:59 – Design
2:30 – FunTouch OS 13 & features
4:28 – Display & audio
6:10 – Dimensity 9200 gaming test
8:26 – Battery life
9:22 – Cameras
13:25 – Byyyyeeeee

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