VONTAR KK Max Full Android 11 – RK3566 – 8GB+128GB – Under £40 – Any Good?

Today I have got my hands on the new VONTAR KK Max Android TV box – including specs, features and testing 4K, streaming, gaming, benchmarks and lots more.

Get your from:
✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3JsjGqU
➡️ TV Box Chart: https://bit.ly/3rsV2i7

* CPU: RK3566 Quad-core
* GPU: Mali G52
* 8GB RAM (DDR4)
* 128GB ROM
* Dual Band WIFI AC
* Fulll Android v11
* HDMI v2.0
* Supports 4K HDR @ 60fps
* Standard IR Remote

00:00 Intro
00:18 Specs
00:47 Inside Box
01:08 Design
01:46 Boot-up Test
01:54 Homescreen
02:16 System Settings
03:07 Default Apps
03:23 Screen Mirroring
03:37 4K Video from USB
04:28 Youtube Test
05:24 Netflix Test
05:37 Prime Video Test
05:47 Disney Plus Test
06:13 Gaming Test
06:46 DRM/Benchmarks
07:38 TV Box Chart Ranking
08:11 Final Thoughts (Pros/Cons)

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