WEMAX Go Advanced 300 Portable LASER Projector – 600ANSI – Massive 120″ PS5/XBOX Movies/Gaming

Reviewing the WEMAX Go Advanced 300. This is an ultra portable laser Android projector. Featuring 600 ANSI lumens, 5GHZ Wifi, HDMI Input for your game consoles and capable of a massive 120″projection wit auto-focus and keystone correction. Find out how good it actually is!

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LED Video Projector
T972 Quadcore 1.96Ghz
Android 9 / WemaxOS
5Ghz Wifi and BT 5.0
600 ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Auto Focus / Keystone
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Max Screen 40” – 120”
Throw Ratio 1.2:1
HDMI Input
Dual 2W Speakers
39Wh Battery (120mins)
65W Fast Charger
218mm x 116mm x 24mm
Weight: 771g

➡️ Other Projector Videos: http://bit.ly/2DbDMId

00:00 Intro
01:02 Inside the box
01:34 Full Specs (on-screen)
02:35 Size/Design/Ports
03:36 Fan Noise Test
03:57 Android OS (Walk-through)
04:25 System Settings (Walk-through)
12:06 YouTube Test (Internal Android)
14:15 Netflix Test (Internal Android)
14:44 Screen Mirroring Test (Android/iOS)
15:42 PS4 Connected (HDMI)
15:49 YouTube Test (PS4)
17:28 UFC 3 Game Test (PS4)
18:05 FIFA 22 Game Test (PS4)
18:45 GTA V Game Test (PS4)
19:31 COD Modern Warfare (PS4)
20:10 Street Fighter V (PS4)
20:48 Pros & Cons / Final Thoughts

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