What’s The Catch? Great ANC, Great Features, but… (Soundcore Liberty 4 NC)

These earbuds check all the boxes on paper and are priced at less than half the cost of AirPods Pro. How is this possible?
Soundcore Liberty 4 NC ???? https://amzn.to/3NsnzPT
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Can $99 earbuds compete with those that cost $250, $300, or even $400? Well the new Soundcore Liberty 4 NC have arrived and aim to do just that. When I saw that the spec sheet checked nearly every box on my “perfect earbuds” list, I had to check them out. These have LDAC, an incredible battery life, multipoint connectivity, and unlike their predecessor the regular Liberty 4’s, these have powerful ANC which should resolve one of the biggest problems with those buds. So let’s get into it

Google fastpair

Fit test

Battery = 8/40 hrs with ANC

Extremely customizable touch controls

Safe volume limiter

Wind reduction

Extra low latency gaming mode

Auto play/pause

Mono mode with Bluetooth 5.3

Sound leak compensation

Multipoint connectivity

Find device (jut plays a sound)

Select auto power off period

Fit = I am picky and these stayed in my ears well
Besides ab workout
Colors = 5 different options
Physical button is a drawback, but has a light which looks cool and is more secure for drops
Wireless charging = ?
Comfort = 4 different tip sizes, very very comfortable for me. I barely notice them in my ears
Water resistance = IPX4


Adaptive ANC 2.0
Claimed 98.5% sound reduction (but ears sort of work on a log scale)
Design includes a noise isolating chamber – not sure how unique this is but ok
Wind noise reduction option

11mm driver
Lots of sound settings including 3d surround sound, HearID custom EQ, actual custom EQ, and tons of presets
It takes 10s to switch to LDAC

Very warm and bassy

Bass can be big and deep but generally more boomy and not that tight or puchy. I personally do not like the default Soundcore Signature EQ at all. Muddy and vocals are downed out

Bass is sort of mushy

Highs seem to lack detail
Instrument separation is weak

I won’t talk about the EQ too much because there are so many EQ options to customize. But I will talk about the general struggle to find a good eq

Kind of tough to EQ to a good place

I tried the intelligent test. I could hear every beep so that was useless and then the end result was not actually a great EQ

Overall I am not really impressed by the sound quality here
Definitely not natural or articulate

These would be decent for workouts when I am ok with a big muddy bass. Not my favorite sounding buds, but if you love the features and specs and are not a big person, you can get used to this sound and thoroughly enjoy these earbuds

As far as a spec sheet is concerned, these check all the boxes for any pair of earbuds in 2023. Pros:
Great ANC
great features
multipoint connectivity
great customization in a nice app

Case has a physical button

Overall I am sure anyone who buys these would be quite happy with them. So if you want the best earbuds at the best price but do not care about sound, these are the perfect pair for you. If you care a lot about sound, check out Sennheiser’s budget buds.

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