Why I Bought the M2 Apple Mac Mini 512GB | Is it really that Powerful?

Why I Bought the M2 Apple Mac Mini 512GB | Is it really that Powerful?

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➡️ Mini PC Ranking Chart 2023: https://bit.ly/3GqJ8N7

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Apple Mac Mini M2 Specs:
CPU: Apple M2 8 Core 3.5GHz (5nm)
10 Core GPU
WIFI 6E / BT 5.3 / Gigabit LAN
Two Thunderbolt 4
Support Dual Display
6K 60Hz (TypeC)
4K 60Hz (HDMI)
Dolby Vision / ATMOS
Built-in Speaker
HDMI 2.0

00:00 Intro
00:13 Upgrade
00:24 Unboxing
00:54 Design
01:17 Specs
02:10 Mac Mini 2023 vs 2018
03:50 Pricing
04:15 Top Tip
04:55 Why Mac Mini?
05:36 Boot Up Test
06:30 System Info
07:04 4K HDR from USB
08:46 4K HDR YouTube
09:34 Netflix / Prime / Disney
10:12 Brawlhala (Steam)
10:33 CS GO (Steam)
11:00 PS3 Test
11:31 PS2 Test
12:08 Wii Test
12:23 Gamecube Test
12:38 Dreamcast Test
12:52 Internal Disk Speeds
13:06 2023 vs 2018 Disk Speed
13:32 Benchmarks
14:00 Mini PC Ranking Chart
14:35 Pros and Cons Conclusion

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