Will Sony’s LinkBuds DISRUPT The Earbud Industry?

Sony put a hole exactly where most earbuds put their speaker and the results are really interesting.
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Very small design of the case and earbuds
Earbuds are of course very different, with a hole in the middle!
Water resistance – IPX4
Colors – just black or white
Aesthetics –
Fit, security, customization – 4 sizes
* ultra smal and lightweight
No wireless charging on the case
Not really any magnets on the case (earbuds or lid)
* typically, I hate case buttons
Controls – customizable in the app (show app) – jaw tapping?!

These do have mono mode
Spotify tap allows you to launch a spotify playlist
Are they good for sleep? – I think so. Pretty slim, and the hole makes them breathable

PRICE – $180, but check the link for the latest price

Proximity sensor
Tap jaw to control
Double or triple tap
Speak to chat, 360 audio, and other Sony things
5.5 hrs battery with 23 including the case
Adaptive volume

AAC/SBC only
Similar idea to open back headphones
Bass is pretty weak. Anything below about 200Hz is substantially deemphasized
Great clarity on high frequencies, with lots of detail and instrument separation
Less bass-heavy music, if listened to in quieter places, sounds pleasant
Indoor listening is ok, but in any louder environment, these are not ideal
It sounds like Sony made the most of this architecture and the sound is really much better than I expected. Although the bass is not especially strong, the rest of the frequencies sound quite nice in my opinion. In a quiet environment, these sound pretty good! If you love rap or EDM, or if you are frequently in loud places, these won’t cut it.

Sound Bleed test
It would be great if they included plugs for the holes maybe? For better passive noise blocking

Great for biking or running in busy places so you can hear your surroundings without any hiss or artifacts from the transparency mode interacting with wind
Great for an office environment where you want to listen to music but sometimes need to hear people who walk up to your desk to talk
Great for casual listening in quiet places (open back, comfortable, light)
Terrible for noisy environments
Weak bass, but an untrained ear may not care about this in quiet environments
These are a truly unique pair of earbuds and from my testing so far, I really think these are going to be quite successful. I have only been using these for about a week though, so as time goes on, I am sure I’ll find other hidden benefits of this style. I’ll be sure to share those on my Twitter.

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