Worth The Downgrade? (Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 7 vs Pixel 6a)

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Google’s Pixel phones are starting to get some real adoption, but which is actually the best? For half the price of the flagship 7 Pro, you can buy the 6a with incredible photos and similar features!

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$449, but I saw a deal last week for 350
$599 for Pixel 7
$899 for Pixel 7 Pro

Aesthetics glossy vs matte
6.7” vs 6.3” vs 6.1”
Curved vs flat display
120 vs 90 vs 60Hz
QHD vs HD vs HD
Wireless charging on 7’s but not on 6a
Triple vs dual camera vs dual camera
Gorilla glass victus on 7s but GG3 on 6a
GG victus on back too
IP68 on 7s but IP67 on 6a
Slippery! Grip

6a actually has a bigger battery than 7

50MO VS 12.2MP
12mp ultra wide on all
48mp 5x optical
30x max zoom vs 8x max zoom
Less noisy night shots, better night video, and more natural bokeh
Macro focus on pro

New camera modes – cinematic mode


Face unlock on 7
VPN coming out for 7

12 vs 8 vs 6GB RAM
Up to 512 vs 256 vs 128
All three support eSIM
All have optical fp sensor

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