Xbox Series X Review Long Term Review | Two Years Later…

The Xbox Series X is still my favourite home console as we hit 2023 and this long term review runs through the games situation, and compares it vs the Sony PS5. While the Xbox Series X isn’t a portable wonder like the Steam Deck, I still think it’s the best choice against the PS5. Game Pass, the excellent software support and other features make it an excellent choice, and you can actually buy it in 2023 too!

Microsoft has made sure that plenty of games now support the full potential of the Xbox Series X, from the 120Hz action to the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos capabilities. As long as you have a telly and sound system to keep up with it, this console can pump out some seriously impressive graphics and audio.

Game Pass remains one of the most compelling reasons to buy yourself an Xbox Series X two years post-launch however. Those day one releases are coming thick and fast and the catalogue is as diverse and addictive as ever. I seriously haven’t bought a fresh game in months, because there’s too much to play here!

So have you been enjoying the Series X as much as me? Let me know below!

Xbox Series X Long Term Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blather
0:55 – Design
1:55 – Startup & updates
2:34 – UI
3:47 – Games catalogue
4:43 – Visuals & audio
6:21 – Game Pass
7:41 – Storage
8:09 – Best console for 2023?
8:51 – Entertainment
9:27 – Verdict

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