Xiaomi 12 Pro | Unboxing & Full Tour

Unboxing the Xiaomi 12 Pro flagship smartphone, boasting premium specs and camera tech, including a hands-on review of the gaming experience and MiUI 13 software. My final verdict on the Xiaomi 12 Pro will be coming very soon, including an in-depth camera test and more on the battery life etc.

Is this the best premium phone of 2022? Let us know what you reckon down below!

Like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Realme GT 2 Pro and so on, this handset boasts some of the best mobile hardware. A triple 50MP setup offers impressive flexibility for capturing photos and up to 8K video. Clever features like eye tracking and HDR10+ movie capture boost the Xiaomi 12 Pro above many rivals.

For performance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC powers the show. Backed by up to 12GB DDR5 RAM, you’ll blaze through games like Genshin Impact, PubG and Call of Duty Mobile. Battery life seems solid so far too, but my full review will give the final verdict.

A quad speaker setup and slick WQHD+ AMOLED display round off an impressive set of specs.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Pointless jabber
0:40 – What’s in the box?
1:22 – Design
3:22 – MiUI 13 & setup
7:37 – Display & audio
10:49 – Performance & gaming test
13:16 – Connectivity & battery
14:29 – Cameras
16:51 – Byyyeeee

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