Xiaomi 12 Series Global Launch | TSW102

The Xiaomi 12 Pro and regular 12 Series smartphone, Global Edition, are launching on March 15 here in the UK. These ultra-premium flagship phones boast some of the best specs of any Androids in 2022, including smart camera tech, strong gaming performance etc. Here’s a not very good preview of that global Xiaomi 12 series launch, with a look at what to expect, plus an even worse unboxing of the MiStery box.

Would you go regular, or Pro? I go regular, must be all that fibre in my diet, hohoho. I mean, surely no one even bothers to read these descriptions so I can basically write whatever I like. Bum. Fart. Willy. There, see?

As well as the Xiaomi 12 Pro, this episode we look at Apple’s iPhone SE 3, which now has 5G and that A15 chipset, and that’s about all the evolution you can expect here. The iPhone SE 3 will cost from £419 in the UK and I’ll hopefully have you an unboxing and review soon. I’ll try and sparkle with wonder at the fact I’m clutching a phone that’s literally straight out of 2016.

Anyway that’s about it, plus some viewer comment stuff as usual. Huzzah.

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep102 Chapters:
0:00 – Oh dear lord
0:38 – Apple iPhone SE 3
2:52 – Xiaomi 12 Series Global Launch
5:51 – Viewer comments

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