Xiaomi 12T 5G & Xiaomi 12T Pro | TSW125

The Xiaomi 12T Pro and regular 12T 5G smartphones are apparently due to launch in the UK imminently, with upgraded camera tech and specs vs the original Xiaomi 12 phones. Lots of leaks and rumours about the Xiaomi 12T and Pro have hit the internet this week so here’s a round-up, hopefully an unboxing and review of both coming soon!

Sadly it appears that the standard model won’t be pleasingly compact, unlike the 12. Both the Xiaomi 12T Pro and the regular version will be 6.67-inch beasts, although that also means whopping great 5000mAh batteries. You’ll get different camera tech depending on your choice, with the Pro serving up a 200MP primary sensor like the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

The Xioami 12T will serve up 67W fast charging, while that’s upgraded to 120W on the Pro. And both come packing OLED displays and a sleek design, similar to the Redmi K50.

Also this week, we saw the launch of the Sonos Sub Mini. Hoping to bring you lovely lot a full review soon!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep125 Chapters:
0:00 – RIP Madge!
1:00 – Xiaomi 12T & 12T Pro
4:11 – Sonos Sub Mini
5:00 – Viewer comments
10:44 – Next week

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