Xiaomi 13 Pro Review | Serious S23 Ultra Rival!

Reviewing the Xiaomi 13 Pro, a flagship MiUI 14 smartphone boasting some of the best mobile camera tech of 2023, plus premium specs and excellent gaming performance. I’ve been testing the Xiaomi 13 Pro as my full-time phone and check out my unboxing, comparing vs the regular Xiaomi 13.

If I had to choose this or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, I’d honestly be struggling. While the Sammy offers an S Pen Stylus, both smartphone cameras deliver impressive night photography and the Xiaomi 13 Pro matches it for 8K video capture (just not at 30FPS). Gamers will love the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset packed in here, with a better gaming mode vs the S23 Ultra.

The Xiaomi 13 Pro also upgrades the AMOLED display of the regular phone to an LTPO panel, while you have faster charging support at 120W. Wireless charging is also supported and the battery life so far has been sublime, again a match for the Samsung.

I’m hoping to review the regular Xiaomi 13 soon, and you can see my verdict on the Galaxy S23 Ultra right here on Tech Spurt. So which is your favourite phone of 2023 so far?

Xiaomi 13 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – The talky start bit
0:41 – Design
2:25 – MiUI 14 & features
4:43 – Display & audio
6:40 – Performance & gaming
7:37 – Battery life
8:29 – Cameras
12:19 – Verdict

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