Xiaomi S1 Pro Smartwatch – Most Beautifully Designed Smartwatch 2023!

Xiaomi S1 Pro Smartwatch – Most Beautifully Designed Smartwatch 2023!
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Xiaomi Official: http://bit.ly/3FcMiUQ
Aliexpress: http://bit.ly/3ZAv6B2

Xiaomi S1 Pro Specs:
* 1.47” AMOLED Display
* Sapphire Crystal Glass / Always-on
* Resolution 480 x 480 / 326ppi
* 5ATM
* Bluetooth 5.2
* Rotatable Crown
* HR, SPO2, Sleep
* Supports BT Calls
* Dual Band GPS (5 Satelites)
* MIUI Watch OS
* Auto Workout Detection
* 100+ Works Outs
* 100+ Watch Faces
* Notification Alerts
* Camera/ Music Control
* 500mAh Battery (14 days)
* 5 Days Heavy Usage (AOD)
* Wireless Charging
* NFC Payments (Mastercard only)
* Alexa Voice Assistant
* Removal Straps (22mm)
* Leather Strap
* 46mm / 11.2mm / 48.6g

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