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Reviewing the Xiaomi Watch S1, with a comparison vs the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active, to see which of these feature-packed smartwatches may be best for you. They’re hitting the UK imminently and boast around 5 days of battery life, gorgeous AMOLED screens and impressive customisation. So are you more tempted by the Xiaomi Watch S1 or that Active model?

The main difference between the two is that design. Both are rugged and smart with swappable straps and 5ATM water resistance, but the regular model upgrades to stainless steel and sapphire. They offer a gorgeous, sharp AMOLED screen, mic and speaker, plus Alexa support – coming soon!

Fitness tracking is fully featured here on the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active and also the standard model. You’ve got dual band GPS, 24/7 heart rate and SPO2 tracking, plus support for over 100 different exercise types.

Other highlights include the customisable UI, wireless charging on the Watch S1, and that excellent battery life. So if you’re after a smartwatch and tempted by Huawei or Samsung, definitely check out Xiaomi too.

Xiaomi Watch S1 vs Active Review Chapters:
0:00 – Boring (but short) intro
0:30 – Design
3:14 – Setup & Xiaomi Wear app
4:54 – Display
6:04 – Watch faces
7:39 – UI & features
9:48 – Speaker, mic, Alexa
10:53 – Fitness tracking
12:19 – Battery life
13:43 – Verdict

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