Your Earbuds Will Never Fall Out Again (4 ways)

What You Need To Know About Digital Recorders

Using digital recorders has gained popularity in recent years. The reasons why they are used range from personal to professional.

8 Gmail Labs That Will Improve Your E-Mail Productivity

Here is a collection of 8 Gmail Labs that you can use today to become more productive using Gmail to process your e-mail. Although Gmail has been in existence since 2004, Gmail Labs were only introduced in mid-2008. Gmail Labs are arguably what makes Gmail extremely powerful as a mail client, akin to how web browsers like Firefox and Chrome can be extended via extensions.

The Public Domain – Free Resources for Your Video Production

If you don’t have the necessary resources to produce your video, you will end up having to scrap your production. Why not benefit from what others have already professionally produced, on a greater budget and scale than you can presently afford? The public domain contains a storehouse of professional free footage, images. music, and sounds. You might even decide afterward that instead of shooting your own video, you just want to reedit and mash-up somebody else’s.

How To Stop Call Of Duty Blue Screen Errors

Call of Duty “Black Ops” is one of the most popular recently released games for the PC that has several millions of followers. However, this highly-engaging game encounters a very serious error upon clicking the executable file of the game. The game crashes and worse, shows the “blue screen of death” afterwards.

How To Stop Call Of Duty: Black Ops Running Slow – Lagging

You may be one of the millions of fans of the ultra popular PC game Black Ops. You may have also heard of issues playing this game on computers, wherein for no obvious reason Black Ops will suddenly run slowly and lag after just a few minutes of being loaded. This unfortunately is considered to be a complaint among gamers all over the world.

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