Zeblaze GTR 3 Review ($50 Galaxy Watch 5 Clone) – Watch before you Buy!

Reviewing the new Zeblaze GTR 3, which is a $50 smart fitness watch. Designed to resemble the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. The GTR 3 is quite feature packed, with 247 HR, SPO2, temp sensor, auto sleep tracking and lots more. How good is this clone?

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✅ Banggood: http://bit.ly/3EdvPhY

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Zeblaze GTR 3 Specs:
* 1.32 IPS Display / 326ppi
* Resolution 360 x 360
* 2.5D Curved Glass
* IP68 Waterproof
* BT 5.2 / No GPS
* 247 Heart Rate / SPO2
* Skin Temp Monitoring
* Automatic Sleep Tracking
* BT Phone Calls
* 70+ Fitness modes
* Notification Alerts
* Music Control
* 7 day typical battery
* Removal Straps (20mm)
* 44.5mm / 12mm / 43.9g
* Meteorite Black
* GloryFit APP (Android/iOS)

00:00 Intro
00:40 Specs
01:00 Design
02:04 Display
02:38 BT Calls
02:45 Smartphone APP
03:32 Watch-face Downloads
03:56 Straps (20mm)
04:07 On my Wrist
04:24 More Watch Faces
05:19 Watch Features
07:20 Medical Grade Test
09:33 Final Thoughts

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